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HIIT Box Squat

3 Ways High–Intensity Interval Training Will Change Your Life

High-intensity interval training, most commonly known as HIIT Fitness, is a cardiovascular exercise structured into a combination of two unique activities of aerobic and anaerobic exercises for an optimal workout in a short amount of time. It is a workout program that can be designed for anyone from a beginner level to an intermediate level of fitness ability.

Parents in Columbia may find high-intensity interval training to be an interesting program for their families to enjoy within their lifestyle, as it offers a way of teaching that proper nutrition and regular exercise are effective for improvements to everyone’s health, including children. Fitness has been shown to have improvements in terms of academic focus, increasing memory ability, learning, and understanding, which results in improved test results, plus enhancing the stronger mindset for thinking, problem-solving and the child’s overall personal confidence.

High-intensity interval training has been proven to have many health benefits, and because it is a short session with intense challenges to conquer, it gives more bang for your buck.

Some of the positive impacts high-intensity interval training can have are:


Oxygen consumption is increased through the high-intensity workout, transforming your cellular formation to that of a younger person. Boosting the cell’s energy factors results in an increase in exercise performance, keeping muscles toned, but limp for better movement, and decreases the risks of fragility and depletion of cells, resulting in the possibility of injuries.

Exercise truly is the best medicine for staying young.

The overall health of people’s mitochondria amplifies the state of their overall well-being. The better a person’s mitochondria capacity results in the bettering of their breathing, blood cell transportation and utilization of oxygen, which increases their performance in all physical activity.


A high-intensity interval training program can be anything from 10 to 60 minutes in length, switching back and forth between short bursts of aerobic and anaerobic activity. It burns more calories because your body isn’t able to rest completely during the process, so the heart remains beating at a strong rate. The average person who does a 20-minute HIIT workout burns more calories than someone who has worked out on cardio machines for over an hour.

This type of fitness activity requires using more of the body’s energy to complete the intense movements when switching from moderate to extreme levels of endurance during the exercise. Because you are leaving little time for your body to recover in the aerobic stages, your body turns to the leftover carbohydrates in your body to burn as energy as you tire during the anaerobic exercises. This gives you a total body workout in a timely and quick fashion that doesn’t disturb your busy schedule, especially when you are a parent with limited time!

HIIT Weightlifting


HIIT fitness activities improve cardiovascular endurance and help keep glucose levels stable. High-intensity interval training even improves metabolic health, particularly in people who are at risk or have Type 2 Diabetes.

This style of fitness offers an increase in oxygen, which assists the heart with a healthy flow of blood, transporting cells and nutrients throughout the body. Oxygen enables the body to effectively use its energy and doing HIIT exercises means the body effectively uses and reproduce new energy cells.
High-intensity interval training burns more calories and fat in a healthy way and you’ll also continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after the workout. So, because you are challenging your body to workout at different intensity levels by doing a HIIT workout, your body then congratulates you by working hard at losing fat while gaining muscle tone.
When a person is doing an interval training workout, they are constantly pushing themselves into different mindset stages, therefore challenging their mind as well as body and going out of their personal comfort zone. A HIIT program often allows a person to become more open-minded to other challenges and more open to experiences outside of the workout.

High-intensity interval training can also help with a number of other health conditions, including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Cholesterol profiles
  • Reducing abdominal fat

As with every workout routine or exercise, safety is important. Always be sure to check with your doctor before performing an intense activity, such as HIIT, especially if you have previous health concerns.

A HIIT program can be extremely intense, therefore it is recommended that you only perform HIIT 2-3 times a week, with good rest in between. As important as it is to exercise, it is equally important to allow your body to rest and repair muscles tissue. Be sure to use the proper form of posture and movements as directed by your instructors.

Here is a tabata-style high-intensity interval training for beginner through advanced level to try out. You can always modify it by adding weights, challenging yourself to complete more reps, and switching out the exercises with others:

High-intensity Interval Training Overview

HIIT Workout Routine




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    1. So sorry for the belated reply! Someday, I hope to post workout videos of my own, but in the meantime, here are three options:

      1) This offers pretty good instructions and alternative HIIT workouts – http://dailyburn.com/life/db/hiit-workouts-for-beginners/
      2) You can google search (i.e. How to do plank jacks). YouTube has a lot of high-quality demos. Popsugar Fitness is also a good source of how-tos and techniques.
      3) order The 30-Second Body book: http://ow.ly/X9OO30fyUvn @Amazon. I LOVE this book. It has workout options for beginner to advanced and it is paperback and portable! Plus, used copies are under $10 with shipping!

  1. You included a lot of great information about HIIT! Any exercise can do a body good, especially the quick and constant movements during a HIIT workout. As a runner, I am always looking for new and different ways to maintain muscle and keep my body strong so it can handle the miles. I have only tried 1 or 2 HIIT workouts. I will have to add yours to my rotation. Thanks for the post!

  2. Great post! I totally agree with you. I’ll take 20 minutes of HIIT over running an hour any day. Running gets boring. With HIIT, you can keep it interesting by switching up your routine.

  3. HIIT workouts have been my go-to as a busy mom! Quick and effective! My blood pressure has improved so much since I’ve started working out this way.

  4. I agree, HIIT is a great way to get fit. I can no longer do the types of high intensity you mentioned but when I could it was awesome. I’m going to try to get back on the spin bike sometime soon and once I get back into it, I love high intensity on that. Wish me luck lol

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