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Cirque Italia

The #1 Best Value Family Show Touring America

Cirque Italia is the number one best value family show touring America! It is an amazing human water circus featuring very talented performers from around the world. Cirque Italia combines juggling, tightrope, twirling, aerial gymnastics, contortionists, and more to create an unforgettable show! Each year, they tour several locations throughout the United States. On their web site, it is described as a “vivid, dramatic, and moving experience under a customized travel tent.”

In addition to juggling, balancing, tightrope, trampoline, and other feats you may have seen in other shows, there are also unique surprises that my descriptions won’t even do justice like jump roping on top of a rotating 30-foot metal object and glow-in-the-dark roller skaters. It is very cool! Here is a SNEAK PEEK of this spectacular family show!We were lucky enough to find a limited time discount from the CERTIFIKID deals web site to the Cirque Italia Water Circus Gold family show at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Maryland. We paid $70 total for two adult tickets and two child tickets and it turned out to be a great value for what we encountered!

We attended the 1:30 pm Saturday show. It was a very rainy weekend and we were surprised the show wasn’t sold out. Our tickets were in the third to last row, but the seats were very close to the stage. The tent looks very big from the outside, but there are only 12 rows of seats. it is arranged in a big horseshoe, so you have a great view of the show no matter where you end up!

When Cirque Italia started, there were a few opening acts and then the stage lifted and fountains appeared from the bottom of the custom designed water stage and rain showered down from the circular ring that was lifted high into the air. The stage holds 35,000 gallons of water! The water stage was really neat to see.

My favorite acts were the roller skaters and the chandelier performance. My husband enjoyed the stuntmen the best. Our kids thought the clowns that broke up the acts were absolutely hilarious! When each act ended, we couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next! The entire show is very clever from the music to the lighting and the stage changes. It runs like a well-oiled machine.

The show was 2 hours long including a quick 10 minute or so intermission. Our four-year-old and seven-year-old sat quietly for the entire show. They absolutely loved every minute of it! Right before intermission, they brought out a very realistic looking dinosaur and had it up on stage for pictures during the break.

During intermission and before and after the show, they had standard concessions available including cotton candy, funnel cake, nachos, and slushy drinks. They also had a face painting booth. They even have their own traveling bathroom trailer. The women’s room had four stalls, so there was only a small wait to use the facilities.

We did not buy any food, but we got two nice quality light-up toys: a Minecraft sword and a light-up fairy wand that plays a song. The toys cost $12 each and take standard batteries so we can keep them for future use. Vendors also walked around selling snacks and toys during the show.

Cirque Italia was founded by Manuel Rebecchi five years ago and is considered “one of the most innovative traveling shows to be staged in the United States”. The circus employs over 30 hard-working performers from many different countries including some from the U.S. and makes rounds to roughly 50 cities each year!

Starting this year, to meet the sellout crowds, Rebecchi introduced a Gold circuit in addition to the Silver series. Each show has a different stage and acts. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THE SHOWS ARE SET UP. It is a fascinating 3-minute video. You can also find other videos on the CIRQUE ITALIA web site as well as Youtube to find out more about what you will see in the show.

I highly recommend taking advantage of seeing Cirque Italia if it comes to your area. It is hands down the best value family show in America! This August, Cirque Italia Water Circus Silver will be in Illinois and Iowa while Cirque Italia Water Circus Gold will be in Delaware and New Jersey. Ticket prices are very reasonable compared to those of other shows. They range from $50 per adult/$45 per child for Level 1 up to $25 per adult/$10 per child for Level 3.

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