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Why You Should Attend the Travel & Adventure Show Expo

The Travel & Adventure Show Expo is the number one travel show series in the United States. It currently tours 8 cities: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Next year, Boston will be added as another East Coast stop.

We attended the first show of 2018 in Washington, D.C. and found that it was well worth attending. The Travel & Adventure Show Expo was a really fun day for our whole family.

Here is a recap of our experience at the Travel & Adventure Show Expo:After the typical scavenger hunt to find parking in DC, we arrived at the Convention Center to embark on our journey around the world in one day. We already had tickets, so it was quick and easy to make our way right down to the trade show floor. Most attendees bought tickets in advance, so there were no lines at the ticket sales counter.The Travel & Adventure Show Expo is laid out in a very organized fashion by geographic region. One outer aisle was dedicated to travel and lifestyle products. The seminars were situated along the outer sides and they were open rooms that faced away from the trade show aisles.
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Tips for attending the Travel & Adventure Show Expo:

  • If you really want to see a speaker, get to the session early. Several of the top speakers had standing room only situations and it was hard to see if you were in the back.
  • Take an empty backpack so that you can carry all your brochures and free giveaway items around. The D.C. Convention Center did not have a coat check, so I hung my bulky winter coat through my backpack.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring activities to keep the kids busy during seminars if you are taking kids with you. We brought iphones and headphones and that went very well.
  • If you want to book a trip, do research online first and have a game plan. There are so many vendors at the show, so it can be overwhelming and you’ll want to have a clear head to make the right vacation choices.
  • Bring a pen and paper to take notes.

Reasons to attend the Travel & Adventure Show Expo:

  1. Literally, the entire world is under one roof for you to explore.
  2. Really cool seminars for serious travelers to those that live vicariously through others. Some are focused on destinations while others offer travel tips, photography best practices, and advice on how to save money from experts in the travel industry.
  3. Deals, deals, deals on travel are available at almost every booth along with contests and giveaways too!
  4. Food! There are food and cooking demos from top chefs from around the world. Concessions even offer international flair and include items like Jamaican patties and mexican dishes.
  5. If you want to take a break from the trade show floor, you can watch fascinating dance and music shows at the Global Beats Stage. The area was set up right next to the concessions so it is the perfect place to have lunch.http://funfitnessfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/img_1907.mov
  6. The Travel & Adventure Show Expo is fun for the whole family.  At the D.C. Show, there was a huge rock climbing wall and a motion thrill ride. A few vendors had wheels you could spin to win marketing items from coupons to bottle openers. Our young kids had fun trick or treating at the booths since many of them gave out candy!

Reasons to attend the Travel & Adventure Show Expo

Shopping at the Travel & Adventure Show Expo:

There were not too many shopping vendors, so you will be disappointed if you’re a big shopper. However, there was one aisle dedicated to travel and lifestyle-related products. Products included:

  • Packing help such as purfume holders and crushproof toiletry cases.
  • Pain relief devices and products.
  • A few face and wrinkle cream companies.
  • Book sales, which was convenient for those that wanted to stand in line to meet celebrity travel experts and get autographs.

At the Travel & Adventure Show Expo, there is bound to be something to please the whole family. Even if you are not planning a trip, it is a fun day that allows you to walk around and take in the sights!


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