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mart Coach Center in Columbia, MD is not your average martial arts studio! It teaches effectiveness, attitude, attention, and ability!

Why The Smart Coach Center is the Most Effective Martial Arts Studio in Howard County, Maryland

The Smart Coach Center is the most effective martial arts studio in Howard County, Maryland. The Smart Coach Center isn’t just your typical karate studio. Owned by Dr. Michael Garant (“Dr. G”), the Smart Coach system offers a concrete formula …

Blogger Recognition Award

FunFitnessFamily Wins Blogger Recognition Award!

FunFitnessFamilyis thrilled to announce that we are a recipient of the Blogger Recognition Award! This distinguished award is presented to bloggers by the blogging community. We are honored to accept this award from Lydia Amadi Chinyere, the inspiring and empowering …

HIIT Box Squat

3 Ways High–Intensity Interval Training Will Change Your Life

High-intensity interval training, most commonly known as HIIT Fitness, is a cardiovascular exercise structured into a combination of two unique activities of aerobic and anaerobic exercises for an optimal workout in a short amount of time. It is a workout …

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