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Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg PA

Land of Little Horses: Everything you need to know

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For almost 50 years, Land of Little Horses Performing Animal Theme Park has been a family favorite in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area. We have wanted to check out this unique park for a while now and finally had a chance to visit during their fall festival.

The History of Land of Little Horses

The story of this magical theme park started in the early 1970s when two world-traveling merchant marines, Tony Garulo and Stu Erickson, met the Falabella Family in Argentina. The family spent over 100 years to perfect their breed of miniature horses. Aside from the special size, these ponies live 40 to 45 years – about 10 years longer than a full-size horse.

Land of Little Horses offers pony rides and lots of other fun activities for kids!

They purchased 25 horses and opened the Gettysburg Miniature Horse Farm. The site became the United States Registry for Falabella Minature Horses.

Since then, the park has changed through five owners, including Dawne and Brian Smith who oversaw the park for 25 years. Three years ago, they retired and their neighbors Maggie and Bill Baldwin took over the farm.

The Baldwins shared the Smiths’ passion for the animals and it shows when you visit the park! Currently, there are 49 ponies at the park and about 100 other animals.

Land of Little Horses Park Overview

The park is set on 100 acres of property and is much larger than I expected it would be! When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by friendly roaming miniature ponies. So fun!

In the center of the park, there are several areas to sit and feed the ponies. There is also a path you can walk around to see the exotic animals including a camel, tortoise, a llama, emus, sheep, donkeys, and peacocks. There is also a small playground and a petting zoo with goats and sheep. The path also leads to Western Town.

Western Town

You can follow the path along to Western Town. This is where you’ll find the pony rides, wagon rides, and gem mining (additional fee). It is a neat place to take pictures….and lock your kids up in a jail cell! If you do not buy tickets for the pony rides or gem mining when you enter the park, you can also buy them in the General Store. There is also a Chapel that you can walk into and ring the tower bell.

The Barn

There is a barn that houses many of the ponies and some pigs too. There are bathrooms in the barn (for humans). A Barn Display program is held once a day. We really enjoyed this presentation where we got to hear some of the ponies’ unique stories, learn about the history of the park, and find out a bit about how their training works. There are also horse grooming sessions throughout the day that allow visitors to brush the ponies.

The Barn Display is a great program that allows you to learn about pony training at Land of Little Horses.


One of the best features of the theme park is its unique show, the MANE Event. Do not miss this because I guarantee you will see things you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world. A few of our favorite stars were Hogart the Llama aka “Hogie”, Hero and Pumpernickell the jumping ponies, and Cameo the praying pony.

Breezy is the pony that can solve math problems! The neat fact about this pony is that when the park first opened, a horse named Kristina was called the “horse with a human brain”. She was featured on television and became famous for her ability to count. So, this tradition has been carried on for decades. Not every horse has this talent, but the park team has diligently vetted out the special ponies that do!

The final act is the most magical! I will not spoil it for you, but it is sure to dazzle!

The Raceway

The Raceway is where you can route for your favorite pig (or warthog) to win the race. There is covered bleacher seating for this silly spectacle. Pigs usually race twice a day. Pedal cars are also a coming attraction to this area.

Get to Know the Ponies

Throughout the day between the programs and wandering around, we learned several fun facts about the ponies. The oldest horse at the park, Seatime, is 39 years old. King, a 31 year-old leopard Appaloosa breed had to have surgery for an eye ulcer, so he only has one eye. Shortcake is the smallest pony…and one of the most adorable in my opinion, but it is hard to choose a favorite!

We visited in the beginning of October when Columbus was celebrating his birthday. That is right! He was born on Columbus Day. A tradition at Land of Little Horses is that each year staff members take turns making him a birthday cake.

Land of Little Horses has 49 ponies plus about 100 other animals to see and pet!

Important Information

Admission is quite reasonable for all the park has to offer. Check out the website for the latest Land of Little Horses pricing as it does vary by season and with special events. Children under 3 years old are admitted for free.

If you are looking to save money, you can occasionally score a Land of Little Horses Groupon. Another website called CertifiKID also features Land of Little Horses discount tickets from time to time. This is actually one of our favorite sites to check out for finding family travel deals! If you are going with 10 or more people, they offer Land of Little Horses group discounts!

You can also buy an Activities Package Plan that includes a pony ride, gem mining, and souvenir animal feed cup at a discounted rate versus buying each add-on individually.

I suggest that you bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer because feeding the animals does leave your hands a bit slimy. There are sanitizer stations and a few areas to wash your hands throughout the park too.

Land of Little Horses has an on-site cafe that offers budget-conscious kid-friendly favorites including hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza. Plus, salads and deli wraps for those that are looking for healthier options.

Best Time to Visit Land of Little Horses

Land of Little Horses is open seasonally from mid-Spring through December. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, the park is open every day of the week. Hours are limited the rest of the season. The theme park is open rain or shine.

How long does it take to visit the Land of Little Horses? We recommend allowing at least half a day to enjoy all that the park has to offer. However, it is certainly feasible to spend the entire day petting, feeding, and watching the magnificent creatures that roam the land.

Land of Little Horses Special Events

Throughout the year, Land of Little Horses holds lots of fun special events. When we were there, they had special vendors on-site for their Fall Festival. They also offer birthday packages and summer camps for those that are local to the Gettysburg area.

Note About the Animals Welfare

We LOVE animals and only visit and endorse animal encounters, zoos, and sanctuaries that are in good standing. We are proud to report that Land of Little Horses has regular inspections by the SPCA and treats their animals very well.

TripAdvisor has lots of positive Land of Little Horses reviews if you want more information. We are confident that you will enjoy yourself at this performing animal theme park!

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Land of Little Horses is a family favorite in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area. This performing animal theme park has about 50 miniature ponies plus 100 other animals. #ustravel #miniatureponies #gettysburg #familytravel #themeparks


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  1. I grew up on a horse and cattle ranch, so I understand the deep connection with horses. How can a miniature horse be so cute?! I would probably just let it in my house… and maybe my bed. ❤️

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