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Discover the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore Inner Harbor

The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore is one of the BEST family museums in the Baltimore/Washington metro area! This science museum offers lots of STEM learning opportunities and has something to entertain children of all ages.

There are also some great <a href=” https:=” “=”” www.mdsci.org=”” learn=”” resources=”” science-at-home=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Science at Home on-demand science programs if you want to explore the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore virtually! Plus, there are tons of additional videos on their Maryland Science Center Online Facebook page including MSC Explains, Backyard Astronomy, Storybook Nook, and more.

Journey Into Space

We normally start at the bottom and work our way up. But, we wanted to hit Science on a Sphere first so this time….and we are glad we did! Science on a Sphere offers a fascinating guided tour of our solar system planets on a roughly 5-foot rotating sphere (hence the name).

The displays on the sphere are taken from NASA and weather data and change to show various views. We were able to see the side of the Moon that is not visible from Earth. We also saw a projection of the Jupiter moon Europa and learned that it has a Geyser that is 100 miles wide high that immediately turns to ice crystals!

These live presentations are only offered at the Baltimore science center once a day at 2:10 pm and they are worth attending! Head up to the Second Floor of the museum to find it.  Tip: If you have impatient little ones with you, they can play on the computer screens near the sphere while you listen.Maryland Science Center Baltimore Inner Harbor Science on a Sphere

I wish I could DVR this tour and watch it again, but I guess I’ll just have to go back again!

Life Beyond Earth

Right outside of this area is Life Beyond Earth. From these exhibits, we learned that there are now over 4,600 discovered exoplanets – planets that orbit a star other than the sun outside our solar system!

And, don’t miss the SpaceLink room with hands-on building exhibits, NASA uniforms you can try on, and several different interactive computers, including one that will answer everyone’s most burning intergalactic question….how do you go to the bathroom in space?! (I’ll give you a quick hint…it sucks!)

We also caught the “We Are Aliens” show in the Davis Planetarium. This was an interesting 30-minute video that explained that the possibilities of alien life and what is needed to discover it within the solar system.



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Can’t Miss These Exhibits

The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore also has some pretty intriguing biology activities that focus on the five senses at In Your Body. This area is also on Level 2. Challenge yourself to a game of What’s that smell?  Lie on a bed of nails or even hypnotize your kids (sorry — the last one is just a joke).
Maryland Science Center Baltimore Inner Harbor Interactive Exhibits Bed of NailsMaryland Science Center Baltimore Inner Harbor Your Body Hands-On Activities

Make sure you make it up to Level 3 to see a fantastic view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor too!

Maryland Science Center Cheat Sheet

Aside from the cool exhibits on the Second Floor, there is plenty to do elsewhere in this popular Baltimore museum. Here is a quick cheat-sheet so you can hit the ground running when you get there:

    • Life-Size Dinosaurs, Hands-On Dig Site
    • Newton’s Alley (interactive STEM activities for all ages)
    • IMAX Theater, Science Store, Café, Coat Room
      • Space & Life Beyond Earth
      • Your Body
      • SciLabScience experiment lab for Grade 3 and up (15 min sessions)
      • Planetarium – rotating programs throughout the day
      • Alternate IMAX theater entrance
      • The Shedspecial scheduled daily DIY STEM activities
      • Power Up – hands-on electrical exhibits and activities
      • Kids Room  – interactive learning for 0-8 yr olds featuring sea creatures, a section just for babies, and a climb-thru ship for older kids
      • Demo Stage – daily presentations on science and geography topics
      • Follow the Blue Crab – live aquatic creatures & Chesapeake Bay focus
  • NOTE: The Shed, Kids Room, and SciLab may close 1 hour before the museum

**Check the web site for Maryland Science Center discounts and validated parking options.

Want more information on Baltimore kid-friendly attractions? The Walters Art Museum is a free kid-friendly gem in the Mount Vernon area of the city. The National Aquarium, located just a short walk around the Inner Harbor, is another one of our favorite family attractions in Baltimore!

Maryland Science Center Baltimore Inner Harbor Dinosaur Fossils



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  1. This is a kind of museum that our family will explore from the time it’s open to close. My son wants to be an astronaut and likes outer space. We saw Science on a Sphere at the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs, CO. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

  2. I love science, so I love science museums. This one looks like it has an interesting space exhibit. They have come so far in space exploration since I was a kid, and this museum covers that, which I love.

  3. I live in NY and I was thinking Baltimore would be a fun weekend getaway. aquarium, inner harbor, and this! I used to live in DC so would go to Baltimore now and again. My kids LOVE these types of museums!

  4. How fascinating! I would have loved to have seen the Science on a Sphere Exhibition and would probably have spent all day watching the geysers turn to ice crystals. It sounds as if the Science Center have really created something to help youngsters learn about science in a fun and interactive way. What a great day out.

  5. Sounds like a fun place for all ages to visit. Science museums are my favorite because they are usually hands on and very interactive. Hope to visit soon!

  6. I think hands-on science museums were one of the best “inventions” during our generation. My daughter loves places like this and I know she would also love the Maryland Science Center if we were close enough to visit!

  7. This looks like such a fun and interactive experience. I love the picture of your daughter laying on the bed of nails, that awesome! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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